Report an incident to MELANI

If you want to report an IT security incident to MELANI, please use the following contact form:

Point of contact for CERTs and CSIRTs

As is the technical team of MELANI, the following email address can be considered as point of contact for FIRST members and other CERTs/CSIRTs. Please also direct any inquieries or reports regarding critical IT infrastructure in Switzerland to this email address. If you wish to communicate through a secure channel, please use our PGP key (download: 0x61624749) or SMIME certificate (download: govcert.crt).

Report an incident: incidents[at]govcert{dot}ch

Report a phishing site or phishing email

If you want to report a phishing site or phishing email, you can report them to

Report a crime

If you wish to report a crime, please direct your request to the Cybercrime Coordinate Unit (CYCO), using the following contact form:

General / other inquiries

If you have any other inquiries or you don't know who to contact, you can send your request to the GovCERT directly using the following email address:

General inquiries: outreach[at]govcert{dot}ch

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Reporting addresses

  • Report an incident: incidents[at]govcert{dot}ch

  • General inquiries: outreach[at]govcert{dot}ch