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2019-09-25 Trickbot - An analysis of data collected from the botnet

2019-05-09 Severe Ransomware Attacks Against Swiss SMEs

2018-11-08 Reversing Retefe

2017-08-29 Leaked Accounts

2017-08-03 The Retefe Saga

2017-06-28 Notes About The NotPetya Ransomware

2017-05-15 WannaCry? It is not worth it!

2017-04-04 When Gozi Lost its Head

2017-03-03 Taking a Look at Nymaim

2017-02-20 The Rise of Dridex and the Role of ESPs

2017-01-30 Sage 2.0 comes with IP Generation Algorithm (IPGA)

2016-12-22 Tofsee Spambot features .ch DGA - Reversal and Countermesaures

2016-12-15 When Mirai meets Ranbyus

2016-07-13 SMS spam run targeting Android Users in Switzerland

2016-07-08 Dridex targeting Swiss Internet Users

2016-05-23 Technical Report about the RUAG espionage case

2016-04-08 Malvertising Incident

2016-03-18 Leaked Mail Accounts

2016-03-11 Armada Collective is back, extorting Financial Institutions in Switzerland

2016-02-05 Gozi ISFB - When A Bug Really Is A Feature

2016-01-21 TorrentLocker Ransomware targeting Swiss Internet Users

2015-11-23 Ads on popular Search Engine are leading to Phishing Sites

2015-11-08 Update on Armada Collective extort Swiss Hosting Providers

2015-09-22 Armada Collective blackmails Swiss Hosting Providers

2015-09-22 Swiss Advertising network compromised and distributing a Trojan

2015-09-11 Analysing a new eBanking Trojan called Fobber

2015-08-13 Cantonal IP space in Switzerland hijacked by Spammers

2015-06-30 Joining the DNSSEC Day in Germany

2015-06-08 Outdate WordPress: Thousands of websites in Switzerland are vulnerable

2015-05-08 Increase in DDoS extortion (DD4BC)

2015-05-01 e-Banking Trojan Retefe still spreading in Switzerland

2015-04-30 Critical vulnerability in Magento: Many Swiss websites are still vulnerable

2014-10-15 Microsoft patches three zero-day vulnerabilities - what does that mean to you?

2014-06-02 Detecting And Mitigating GameOver ZeuS (GOZ)

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